Numb Run & Week 1 summary

I made it out this morning, despite the intermittent rain. I didn’t want to but I figured the sooner I did it, the sooner it was done and I could get on with the rest of the day. Session 6 of the training programme: 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking, for 25 minutes. Mostly, I was numb, mind elsewhere, feet just hitting the pavement one after the other, rinse and repeat. That is actually a good description of the whole day – just going through the motions.

Session stats:

  • Distance: 5.14km
  • Total time: 40m 42s
  • Fastest km: 6:40
  • Slowest km: 12:43
  • Average pace: 7:54
  • Weather: 12 degrees, sunny with intermittent rain


Week 1 – summary

Some soreness and stiff muscles at the start of the week, but a day’s rest halfway through seems to have taken care of that. I have been out for a run six out of seven days, which feels a little like a minor miracle. I still hate running but have a picture of how it might become part of my daily routine. I have completed two week’s worth of Runtastic’s training plan inside a week – my base fitness level seems to have been better than I thought. I have a heavy work week ahead of me but will be aiming, so far as it is possible, to run every day before work. Fingers crossed. If I can run every day while I’m working long hours on-site, I’ll know that I can really make running a daily habit, regardless of what else life throws at me. Either that or I’ll find out where my current limits are.

Week 1 stats:

  • Distance: 33.0km
  • Time: 04h 41m
  • Fastest km: 6:40 (PB) (+0:47)
  • Slowest km: 12:43 (-2:51)
  • Best average pace: 7:54 (PB) (+1:14)