Attack of the killer pollen

I’ve just got back from today’s run. I let myself sleep in a little to make up for a few nights in a row of less than my usual eight hours sleep. While this was a good idea, given that I have an extremely heavy work-week ahead of me, it meant that the roads were busy with people, and the temperature a little warmer. 14 degrees C is hardly the 30+ degrees that I experienced last week in south Spain, but it was enough that I didn’t go out with a jumper and started sweating pretty quickly into my run. It also meant that my face, always quick to colour through heat, exertion or embarrassment, quickly glowed a red-purple colour. Every person I ran past looked at me as though I was about to have a heart attack. No really, I wanted to tell them, I’m fine, it’s just my face. Here is a good reason for running at 6:30am – no one to witness my rosy face, and my embarrassment of it’s alarming colour only making the problem worse.

So add to this the problem of pollen. I suffer with Hayfever from March through to the end of September – I’m lucky like that. But, since this is the case every year, I have a routine of taking anti-histamines from the first day of March through to the first day of October. So far this year, armed in this way, Hayfever has not been much of a problem. Until today. As I made my way round my route, I could feel the gentle tingling sting in my nose. I sneezed, a lot. Thankfully I had tissues with me to deal with the constant stream from my nose. Add a bright red, streaming nose to my already glowing face and a pretty picture you do not have. No wonder people were giving me strange looks. All the same, I wish they’d kept them to themselves.

I had no stiffness after yesterday’s run, which was surprising but welcome. Maybe it’s a sign that my body has started to accept being made to work on an almost daily basis. If so, thank you, body, for adapting so quickly. Maybe it’s a sign that despite how the run felt, I didn’t push myself as hard as I thought.

I thought today’s session of 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking, 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking for 28 minutes would be easier than yesterday’s session. Nope. That extra 8 minutes, even with the alternating shorter running interval, made itself felt. It wasn’t burn in my legs though, it was my body’s reluctance to keep going. I felt tired and in constant battle with my willpower. When I came to the end of each walk interval I begged my running app to announce “end of workout” so I could walk the rest of the way. When it did finally come, I said “Thank you!” with such force that I made an old lady walking her dog jump.

Now that I’m home, I am sneezing constantly, and the tingle in my nose has spread to my throat. I’ve used a box of Kleenex trying to stop my nose from running, and now my eyes are itching and streaming. Time to get in the shower, and hope that removing all traces of pollen from me will do the trick.

Session stats:

  • Distance: 5.3km
  • Total time: 42m 10s
  • Fastest km: 6:53
  • Slowest km: 9:52
  • Average pace: 7:57
  • Weather: 14 degrees, sunny