An extra 30 minutes in bed makes no difference

Yesterday was a very physical day at work. I am working on a theatre show and this week is fit-up week – the week where we bring all of the equipment and set into the theatre and build it and set it up. A truck arrived at the start of the day. We had to help unload the set because the equipment we were waiting for was on the back of the truck. This meant I spent around 30 minutes carrying large and heavy rolls of vinyl flooring on my shoulders before getting to our equipment. The upside of this part of the job is that it is a little like a weight training workout, but without the expensive gym membership. The downside of this is that I woke up this morning with sore, stiff muscles. I can count the knots in my shoulders, just by turning my head.

The alarm went off at 5:45am, and I hit snooze for the normal 15 minutes before deciding that I wasn’t going to go for a run this morning. Yesterday brought me to a 5-day streak of running every morning. Today could be my ‘rest’ day. I reset the alarm for half an hour later and closed my eyes again. Less than a minute later my alarm went off again. Aargh! I just want to sleep! I checked the time. Not a minute later, 30 minutes later. Time to get up. Less than impressed, I dragged myself out of bed and got on with breakfast and getting ready for work.

Here’s the interesting observation from this morning’s experiment in 30 minutes more in bed: it has had no appreciable benefit. I feel less awake and more grumpy as I now make my way into town. I feel sleepy and slow. I still want to be back in bed, and I feel less rested than I did the previous two mornings after running. I guess I’ve missed that kickstart of circulation, and with it a nice stream of oxygen being energetically pumped through my muscles and my brain.  It’s like that extra 30 minutes sleep never happened.

I’m now longing for Sunday, my day off. I will have my degree assignment to work on, but at least I can catch up on some sleep, and I won’t need to choose between resting and running.


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