Angry running

The alarm went off at 9am. I had planned to get up earlier but ended up reading until 2am, mesmerised by the end of the book I was reading for a review. Books, good ones, have that power over me – just one more page, just until the end of the chapter, well it seems silly to leave just a few pages left… you get the picture. I hit snooze for 15 minutes – I have never been able to leap out of bed as soon as the alarm sounds. It hurt this morning, and I was very tempted to turn the alarm off and keep sleeping until I woke up naturally, but I was determined to not let today turn into the waste of time that yesterday turned into. Just get on with it, I thought to myself. I grabbed my running gear as I walked down stairs, jumped on the scales (22.9% body fat – yes!), got dressed, made up a bottle of protein shake, heavily watered down, drank half of it, and walked out the door.

I had originally planned to redo session one of my training plan as doing session four would mean starting the week two programme ahead of schedule, but having had a day off yesterday it seemed lazy to give myself an easy run. I selected session four and got running: run for 3 minutes, walk for 1 minute. The 3-minute intervals were tough from the outset. A muscle in my right glute was twinging, and I wanted to turn around, go home, and go back to bed. No. Keep going. Grit your teeth, get through it, get home, get on. Don’t be a baby.

It was an angry run. The more I ran, the angrier I felt. I even started thinking about a conversation I’d had earlier in the week that had really pissed me off, and mentally had an argument with the other person, which just made me feel even crosser. But then, just as I was wondering how many more of these bloody intervals I had left, the Runtastic app announced “end of workout” in my ears. I was surprised. That seemed quick. I checked my phone: the session was 20 minutes long, and it was 20 minutes since I’d left the house. Ok then. I was half way through my 5km, so I walked the rest.

By the time I got home, my mood had lifted a little but had been replaced with a thumping headache. Thankfully, breakfast and a large cup of tea fixed that. I have never been a fan of breakfast, but have settled on porridge (with milk) with fruit as something I can stomach, which tastes sweet enough to satisfy my tooth, but without a heavy calorie toll. Tea is non-negotiable. I will not function or be capable of anything better than a growl without it.

The great news, given the disaster of yesterday, is that I didn’t let myself sit down on the sofa. I ploughed on through the todo list. So, lesson learned. When feeling crappy and unproductive, get out the door and get moving – it will save the day.


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